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Episode 13 - The MMOcast!
Time-length-icon 1h 8m
Publish-date-icon July 20, 2015
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News Topics - please add something you want to highlight in the blizzard world of news. if you dont have anything, don’t force it
alvin - wow expansion leak/rumors (i assume?) yes
gene -
This year was the best EVo finals ever!
skyforge is ok, its free but i dont really understand the pay model yet. its got some tech i like
Eagerly awaiting the Hearthstone announcement coming out in 2 days!
FXIV - It’s nice getting a taste of a new MMO sometimes.
Bought some wheels for my car. I feel like having hobbies defines a lot of me. What about you guys?
- leoric skeleton king is coming tomorrow, july 21
new diablo season will be more crafting focused? crafting felt pretty useless before. The biggest change is that crafted items have no level requirement, which makes the early game strategy, 1) gather all the mats possible, and 2) spend all your gold training the Blacksmith, since he can then make you much better weapons than anything you can find at your level. - See more at: http://www.diabloii.net/page/2#sthash.A4KhJ5TY.dpuf
i dont feel strongly about any of these to talk about them much, but it’s there. likely wont bring it up

Topics - these can also be spun off your news topic, or we can combine it, we dont need to have defined segments. if a news story and your topic are related, just talk about them together. again if nothing stands out to you this week, don’t force it
alvin - assuming you’ve heard nothing about it, I didn’t just say anything, none of your friends said they were getting it either, the game is out and you had no intention of playing WoW again: what would make you instantly purchase it? it doesn’t mean they’ll ever do it, but if they did, you’d resub instantly. crazy ideas are okay
gene - I dont know about you guys but i’m really not excited for anything coming out of Blizzard except maybe overwatch, but i’m not 100% sure i’m gonna like it. Ever since playing Witcher i think i’m been searching for another single player game with a strong narrative.
richard - Eagerly awaiting the Hearthstone announcement coming out in 2 days!
steven -
3 of us have been playing ff14, what makes it different than wow- what is better, what is worse?
or i can talk about if the horde focus storylines in wow affect the game. do you guys really care about the story, it is always horde focused, and alliance is just in the background to push the warfare issue, it is a bit tiresome. There are no significant alliance characters with any personality, the strongest is probably jaina proudmoore
could also discuss about how there is no way wow can maintain or grow subscribers if an expansion is as far away as we think it is. it has been fun for me to hop back in, check some of new stuff out, but im not in a mood to find a dedicated raid team with strangers so i dont know where my future stands with it. did blizzard’s delays finally catch up with them to really hurt, or is the wait still going to be worth it? the bigger team of 200 which developed WoD on wow was introduced while we were playing mists, which they said they had to train the team which is why WoD took so long, it doesn’t seem like that made any difference.

conversation corner
i heard about a documentary called web junkie. it explores internet addiction (mostly boys addicted to video games) in china. this clinic is a boot-camp style rehab center, in which parents will trick their kids, or drug them and the kids wake up at the center. there is hardcore style physical exercise, sometimes solitary confinement over 10 days. It is usually a last resort for parents, these kids are so addicted they wear diapers to prevent grinding downtime
Why is this a southeastern asian problem?
What’s the most “addicted” you’ve ever been to a game, how much were you playing, what game, what compelled you? Could it ever happen to you?

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